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Why do I wake up with puffy eyes every morning?


Most people suffer from puffy and swollen eyes after waking up in the morning, and one of the reasons for blowing up their eyes in the morning is poor sleep at night.

What are the causes of morning puffiness?

Eye swelling, commonly called puffiness, is due to excess of fluid in the connective tissue that is surrounding the eye, which can be a hereditary condition or wound, infection or other damage in the area around the eye.

As you read in this part of Namnak Health section, if you have puff surrounding your eyes more than last night, so you suffer from puffiness that this common occurrence can be the result of several factors, including what eat and how you sleep.

Recognizing and determining why the area is swollen under your eyes will help you resolve the problem and prevent unwanted puffs that appear in the morning.

Your eyes are puffy in the morning because:

Your sleep status is difficult:

A good rest at night is important, but flat lying down can create fluid under your eyes. Put your head on one or two pillows, allowing gravity forces to drain the fluid naturally from under your eyes.

The main reasons are puffing eyes after waking up

Reasons of having a poor night’s sleep to have puffiness in the morning:

Sleeping badly at night can cause your puffiness in the morning. Especially when you have stress, your body releases the cortisol hormone that changes the body’s salt balance. Because your salt balance collapses, you may get water in the area of eye and lead to swell the tissue around your eyes.

Maybe you have a thyroid problem:

Puffy eyes can be one side-effect of Hyperthyroidism; is a disease that thyroid activate more than usual and it can become fat around eyes can cause puff surround your eyes.

You suffer from swelling:

If your eyes are puffy in the morning when you wake up, it may be due to liquid retention, called edema. (As the age rises, the fluid in the lower eyelid may appear). When you wake up and start blinking, you may notice that your eyes are less puffy.

What causes puffy eyes in the morning?

The high temperature of the bedroom is caused the puffy eyes in the morning:

When you raise the temperature in your home, your eyes can become more sensitive and dry, that is why heat can dry the mucous membranes of the eye. This makes the texture of your eye thicker and stimulates further. Also it can be causing puffiness.

Not washing your face and hair can be the reasons of puffiness in the morning:

Facial cleansers (especially those that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or retinol), shampoos and softeners can be trapped in the eyelids. Further stimulation can include cleansing of the eye makeup, shadowing of the eye, and mascara that has a flavor.

You rub your eyes to burn it:

This rubbing creates inflammation and leads to the release of blood vessels, and the fluid that comes from adjacent tissues creates puffiness.

Rubbing eyes is a reason of puffing eyes

You suffer from seasonal allergies:

When you are allergic, your eyes are in contact with airborne allergies, when these allergens hit your eyes, they melt in tears and contact with an eye lens . They react with antibodies that depend on your cells in your eyes. This will allow your body to release your histamine (a chemical that boosts your immune system) to your body. Occasionally, when histamine reaches the skin, it can cause a similar reaction, especially around the eyes.

Crying at night before bedtime because of puffy eyes in the morning:

When you cry, your eyes work hard to tear. Since eye glands need to work too much for tear, they produce tear fluid that is watery and slightly salty, so the difference in the salt concentration between this tear and the surrounding tissue of the eye causes swelling of the eyelid.

You are involved with puffiness a few days a month:

It’s about being a woman. It’s just like the way you penetrate this period to all parts of your body, for your eyes. The swelling of the eyes caused by periods usually disappears after a few days.

Puffing your eyes after waking up

Aging is one of the causes of puffiness:

Unfortunately, aging is the cause of the bloated eyes. Over time, your eyelid can be weakened, which can cause fat to fall on your upper and lower eyelids.

Eating too much sodium in the morning:

If you use too much sodium and do not drink too much water, our body start to absorb liquids from cells to prevent shortage of water in body that it can cause puffiness of eyes.

How to treat puffy swollen eyes in the morning:

Step 1:

Wrap your wipes around 15 to 20 minutes with cool compress or cold tissue. Sit flat and press a little

Step 2 Treatment of puffiness in the morning:

If your swelling is allergic, use allergy medications, but if it does not, ask your doctor to take medication.

How to treat puffy eyes in the morning?

Step 3 Treatment of puffy eyes in the morning:

Stay flat; holding your head can help to eliminate the fluid under your eyes, and then it can reduce the puffiness.

Step 4 Treat Puffy Eyes in ihe Morning:

Avoid rubbing too much or touching the area around your eyes; according to the report that Dr. Gary Goldfaden stated doing this actions may help to swollen and create bruising and puffiness.

Step 5 to treat puffy eyes in the morning;

Sleep a little longer, sleep may reduce your swelling if you sleep less than seven to eight hours. Raise your head a little during your sleep to prevent the collection of liquid under your eyes.

Treat puffy eyes in the morning

A note about morning puffiness:

Although there is no scientific study to prove the effect of cucumber consumption or limiting salt intake to reduce eye inflammation, it is worth trying to see if these methods are right for you.

Eyewitness warnings:

If there is a lot of swelling around your eyes that does not heal, or if you notice any excess fluid in the rest of the body, see your doctor as soon as possible.


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