Wear Sunscreen in Autumn?

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Wear Sunscreen in Autumn?

Wear Sunscreen in Autumn?
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Some people think mistakenly that during autumn because of less sunlight exposure the, there’s no need to wear a sunscreen, however sunscreen usage is not limited to any single season.

Autumn with all its unique beauties has also accompanied several sensitiveness by itself. In autumn, due to a lower temperatures and cold weather, dryness of skin increases. This season, due to the cold air and using heater, decreases humidity of environment and person is less likely to suffocate, which also helps to have a dry skin. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the skin in the fall, it is important to take care of skin in autumn and do not forget about using sunscreens. Persian Way explains more about the benefits of using sunscreen in the fall.

The benefits of using sunscreen in the fall

In a study and Dermatological Treatment In the fall and winter season which is tested by Dr. Seddiq;a dermatologist , pointed out that the use of heaters can eliminates the humidity of the air and causes more skin dryness in cold seasons. Also he says that people in summer usually sweat more than other seasons and that’s happen because of the warm and hot weather in this season. Sweating causes the skin to become wet. In autumn, person feels less sweating due to reducing humidity and cooling, which causes skin to be dried.

Methods to fight skin dryness

The amount and quality of cleansing your skin should be adjusted to this season. In seasons that sweating is more, you have to wash and cleanse your body more such as summer that you need to take a bath more than winter and also autumn; in other hand, taking bath and wash your body should be eliminated in cold weather due to the dried weather.

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Also, people who have a genetic dryness skin should not shower more than once or twice a week in cold and dry seasons. Using a detergent that has a higher alkalinity usually increases the dryness of the skin. People use a mild detergent such as a baby shampoo or non-detergent shampoo to wash. Also, people with dry skin should not use bags and linen.

Use of sunscreen in the fall

These products usually cause damage and exacerbate the problem. By using proper moisturizers, moisture of skin compensate that is lost this season , people should use suitable moisturizers for skin at the right time. It is best to use these moisturizers after bathing when the skin is slightly moist.

Is there no need to use sunscreen when the summer ends?

People mistakenly think that using sunscreen has been shining since the sun is shining, while sun protection is not just about summer. Although sun intensity is lower in these seasons, people should use appropriate sunscreens for their skin. However, due to less sweating, renewal sunscreen become less.

Skin needs food

Food consumption is effective to boost skin dryness, it means that can say the skin of each person needs food. Also it should be stated that drinking more is vital to have a healthy skin. Moreover, add appropriate enough vegetable and fruits to daily diet. With these ingredients, needed vitamins of skin, including vitamins of groups B and E which their duty is refreshing and moisturizing skin maintain in your diet and you have a healthy and nutritious diet.

The benefits and disadvantages of sunscreen

Eliminating dry skin

The use of moisturizers and softeners is effective in treating dry skin, and it has a variety of different types, mainly ointments and creams. Ointments have more moisturizing properties, but they may be difficult to use because of excessive fat.

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Creams have less moisturizing and also it is easier to use. It is not recommended to use cotton gloves in public environment as it causes the transmission of the disease, but it is essential to use gloves if you are using a detergent, and also those who have suffer from extreme dry skin. It is recommended to use cotton gloves under the kitchen gloves. Usually people use woolen clothes in this season.

Can it affect the appearance of dry skin? Woolen texture, especially in people with eczema, causes skin irritation. We recommend these people, if you want to use woolen clothes, be sure to use cotton under-wear and preferably with white ones.

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Fat-free creams contain compounds that dry face acne and keep natural moisture of skin, also it has a powerful effect on reducing the appearance of facial bouts. Australian experts say daytime use of the sunscreen not only prevents harmful sunlight, but also largely prevents the aging of the skin.

You have to know the essential function of sunshine, as you know sunshine contain Vitamin D and it is better to go to the swimming such as outdoor pool two times a week and take sunscreen.

Sunscreens should be renewed during the day several times, and in all seasons, even in fall and winter, use sunscreens with low SPF.

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