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What happen our Salvia Come out During Sleep?


For all of us, it sometimes happens that when we sleep, salvia come out, and it’s not pleasant to face a wet pillow or wet face when you wake up. But you should know that if this happens constantly, it can be a sign of a disease or a problem in your body.
For all of us, it sometimes happens that when we sleep our salvia secreted out, it’s not pleasant to face having wet with a pillow or face after waking up. But you should know that if this happens constantly, it can be a sign of a disease or a problem in your body. In the following, we want to discuss reasons of dripping salvia during sleep, and how we can reduce it or completely stop it.

Why does salvia run out during sleep time?

When we go to sleep, facial muscles and asymptomatic reactions which function to swallow are calm down. The saliva that comes into the mouth during sleep can gradually be removed from the mouth, because the mouth may be slightly opened by relaxing the facial muscles. The result is soaking our pillow that it’s not so nice to sleep on it.

If the salvia that goes out of the mouth is too much, this can be a sign of a nerve disease or as a result of nasal congestion. In addition, those who have had problems with stroke before, dripping salvia is happened more and more during sleep.

1- Clean your sinuses

One of the main causes of suffer from dripping salvia out of mouth during sleep is blockage of the nose, which causes it to breathe out with open mouth and may lead to mucous membranes. Cleaning and opening the nasal sinuses can be a good way to get rid of having wet pillow every night. These tasks help to open the sinuses:

Cleanse the nose by a hot shower and makes it breathable naturally.

Vegetable oils, especially those are containing eucalyptus, help you breathe more easily and have a better sleep.
The use of health products like Wicks opens the nose and allows you to breathe more easily.
In addition, if you have severe sinus infection, be sure to treat it. Otherwise, you will have various problems, one of them is having nasal congestion forever.

2. Change your sleep mode

If you fall asleep, all the saliva will remain in your mouth and do not go out. Conversely, if you fall in your arms or on t stomach, the saliva that is in your mouth will probably not go out.
If you think you cannot stay in a single position all night long, try turning yourself into blanket or bedding to keep your body steady.

3- Maybe you have sleep disruption during sleep

Sleep disturbance in sleep is a condition that causes you to not breathe well as you should, so the result is you wake up frequently, you feel tired in the morning and get sick during the day.
Dripping salvia out and snoring are the most common symptoms of sleep disturbance. If you think you may be having this disorder, visit your doctor. Remember that taking cigarettes increases the risk of developing this disorder and, in general, respiratory problems.

4. Reduce your weight

Overweight plays an important role in the sleep process. Most people with sleep disturbance are suffering from overweight.

5. Use special tools

You can find the right medical equipment by visiting your doctor. This helps to reduce the problem of coming salvia out of the mouth. These oral devices can make salvia drip better, or help to swallow better, so you can have a better sleep.

6. Check your medicine

If you take medicine, make sure your saliva does not go away. For example, some antibiotics can cause more saliva and cause your mouth to watery while you sleep.

7. Put your head up

When sleeping, adjust your pillow to keep your head high. This helps to reduce the problem of dripping the salvia out of the mouth. So remember to adjust your pillow in right position before going to bed and make sure you’re comfortable with it.

8- You may need surgery

In some cases, physicians may recommend to have surgery in order to remove salivary glands. This condition usually occurs when the cause of your large saliva is serious neurological problems. Of course, all doctors, before surgery, first try some procedures out other than surgery, and only if you are advised to do surgery it means that other methods have not solved your problem.


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