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Who should not use deodorant?


People with kidney problems should not use aluminum compounds because they may accumulate in the body and cause vital problems for them.

However, to be sure, use aluminum and bio-based products that have the same impact on other products.

Whom should not use these products at all?

People with kidney problems should not use aluminum compounds because they can accumulate in the body and become problematic for their health.

It is better not to use alcohol sprays for those people who have waxed recently, or have injuries in the armpit area.

People who do not sweat or their sweat do not have bad smell recommend to use deodorants and fresheners instead of deodorant.

If the amount of sweating is low, you can use pads to prevent skin and clothing, and prevent moisture and wrinkles. Of course, absorbent powders within these pads can also be allergenic for some people and before usage should be tested first.

If the rate of sweating is excessively high, using these products is not beneficial and should reduce the amount of sweating by injecting Botox or other therapies under the supervision of a dermatologist.

What is the best time to use these products every day and how many times per day are we allowed to use them?

The rate of usage depends on the amount of sweating and occupation of people, and there is no general law in this area.

The best time to use antiperspirants is after taking bathing and before sweating.

Fragrance products should be used on clean skin and their spray on sweaty skin is inappropriate, also it is even the smell of combining the smell of sweat and perfumes can be much worse than the smell of sweat.

It is stated that 24-48 hours of aspect on deodorant. What does this mean?

It means that the duration of the product’s effectiveness is 24 and some of them remain up to 48 hours. Washing of the armpit after the end of this period is not necessary and the remaining material on the skin does not cause any kind of problems for our health.

On some antimicrobials it stated the phrase of “25% aluminum” and “some other” are set to 10%. Which type is appropriate for our body?

Anti-inflammatory substances which is containing up to 25% aluminum are suitable for people who have high levels of sweating on armpit, palms and sole. In normal sweating mode, aluminum with 10% is sufficient also.

Do not use anti-inflammation to prevent body temperature regulation?

No, some sweat glands are active in childhood, and the liquid that comes out of it is only watery and minerals, and it does not smell and or color, but with the advent of puberty and the activity of the sex hormones, some sweat glands are activated, which leaves apart from water and minerals, they contain fat, and the combination of these fats with bacteria on the skin creates a bad smell.

The sweat glands are dense on the entire surface of the skin and spit out some of the more points.

The use of anti-erythrocytes blocks some of the glands and, as sweating in the rest of the body, it does not cause an abnormality in body temperature.

Which antidepressant? Which deodorant?

The chemical composition of the anti-inflammatory and deodorant products is the same, even it is the same for feminine and masculine types, and only odor is different. Men’s types of smells are bitter and feminine smells are smoother.

But type of suited product for one person depends on so many factors such as sex and type of skin texture, and even the amount of perspiration, or illness. For example, those people who have respiratory problems is better not to use sprays because they increase the respiratory sensitivities ,or people with eczema and skin allergies and also people with sensitive skin. if you are using deodorant or anti-inflammatory products for the first time, it’s best to test it on a part of your skin firstly.

If the product shows any kind of allergies, inflammation, redness, itching and burning of the skin, then they should not use the same product again, because scratching and inflammation of the area over time causes more irritation and darkening of the skin.

It’s best for moms to try soap (solid deodorant), because lotions (liquid mucous membranes) are more likely to be absorbed into the skin and have more allergies.

In general, it is advisable to use bio-free aluminum products.


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