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10 Wonderful events during sleep


Children need to have enough sleep to grow, because the growth hormone which is needed to grow bones and muscles exuded during sleep.

Eyes Movement

In the deep sleep phase, even though the eyelids are closed, the eyes do not stop moving and continue to move during sleep.

Researchers have not agreed on the reasons for this phenomenon yet. Some experts believe that eye movement is associated with a widespread nerve stimulation in the brain, and brain activity is so intense in a way that it allows the body to organize memories and classify information.

For this reason, our body needs calm physiologically, deep, and regenerative sleep.

Be Taller

All of us will rise during the night. In fact, the spine is relaxed slightly overnight for its softness, and this also leads to increasing size of the intervertebral discs, and eventually we grow a few millimeters and get taller at night.

Of course, the discs will return to their original state with the beginning of the day and we will find our normal height.

Sleep paralysis or mare

lot of people have gone through this experience or experience this phenomenon every week.

The phenomenon of sleep palsy, known among people as a bunch, appears in the deep sleep phase. At this time of sleep, person realizes that he is dreaming, for example, he sees terrible nightmares and suddenly he realizes that none of this nightmare is true, but he is not able to react, shake and do anything.

People with a paralysis do not have any sensation in their arms and legs and feel completely paralyzed.

These people are horrified as they lose any kind of reactions and movements, feeling that a heavy body has fallen on their chest and has blocked their breathing.

Brain activity is essential to detoxify the body

While sleeping is essential for the body, especially since the brain is incredibly active during the night.

In fact, the brain, in addition to organizing daily information and categorizing them, uses a lymphatic system to remove toxins and unnecessary elements of the body.

Similarly, brain proteins are more active and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

The secretion of growth hormone in children

Children need have an adequate sleep for their grow, also it should be stated that the growth hormone which is needed for growing bones and muscles is produced during sleep.

You should also know that the body tissues of adults are also restored throughout the night. For this reason, the body needs deep sleep.


Gnashing, known as “bruxism”, is a phenomenon that also occurs in sleep. In this case, the person will press his teeth, and he will push his teeth together at night during sleep.

This phenomenon can be mild or severe but the amount of it is depend on stress and emotional stress.

Anyway, this phenomenon worsens and causes pain in jaw area and dental problems.

Fitness in sleep

During sleep, physical activity decreases, but it does not mean that the body loses its energy.

In fact, when we sleep, the body begins to perform basic activities such as the disposal of harmful substances and erased waste material completely.

If a disorder occurs in this natural phenomenon, some fluids will be remained in the body and it becomes swollen and kidney dysfunction development.

In fact, bad breath and insomnia can be triggered the secretion of a hormone which called “ghrelin” or “hormone of appetite”, which means that your appetite increases and you become more eager to overeat.

As a result, proper and adequate sleep helps to control appetite and excess fluid and toxins from the body and helps the body’s fitness.

Sexual Attraction

This phenomenon is not so strange and it is true for everyone. Men have nightly nocturnal experience at night and during sleep, which is a natural phenomenon, because the blood needs oxygen, and therefore an erection occurs suddenly.

But this is not a special phenomenon for men. Women also dream of such experiences while dreaming.

This phenomenon is due to hormones that secrete during the night and can lead to sexual arousal.


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